Showreel 2013
  • Featuring work from my 8 years of industry experience. Projects completed at:
    Kraft:haus Films - Steam Motion & Sound London - Mofresh
  • Sound Design & Mix by Jeremy Mansford.
    Featuring Music:
    Prefuse 73 - Silence, I've Said All I Need To Say About Them - Surrounded by Silence - BUY ALBUM
    Suff Daddy - Konnopke - The Gin Diaries - BUY ALBUM
    and an awesome sample from People Under the Stairs - O.S.T. - BUY ALBUM
  • I created a showreel intro as an excuse to try some wierd sh*t out. Some behind the scenes below.
    Finger lickin' life drawing:
  • Burger beach:
  • Homemade turntable zoetrope:
Showcasing my direction, art direction and motion design.
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Art Direction, Creative Direction, Directing