I’m a director of short form work: intros, titles, commercials, short films.
I have a three word mantra when doing professional work: fun, vibrant, explosive.
This is an introductory showcase of some of my recent & favourite work.
The Mandalorian: This Is The Way
I’ve grown quite fond of The Mandalorian series so I had to make something.
For this piece I continued my experimentation into Pixel Art utilising my non-traditional Pixel Art skillset.
Musically this was the chaotic result of me digesting flavours of Spaghetti Westerns, moody sci-fi synth & retro gaming limitations. Full project details & Credits.
Animated Poster:

Banderita X: Youtube Intro 2021
An Intro package update for Saudi Arabian Youtube Gaming legend - BanderitaX!
For this 2nd Youtube Intro, we mashed together 2 of his favourite IPs to create this epic adventure. Naruto & The Flash. Full project details & Credits.
runJDrun: Youtube Intro
This new intro package & rebrand was all about celebrating J.D.’s multiple talents, and what better way to do so than with a videogame ’talent-select-screen’.

Spotify: Music Is Everything Commerical Campaign
I had a blast directing this epic live-action/animated listening adventure with the unstoppable magic of Unlisted and an insane ensemble of talented people, for Spotify Asia. Full project details & Credits.

Mortal Kombat 11: Teaser
This was my experiment to create a vehicle to explore detailed story behind some of our favourite characters. I wanted to create a style & mood to feel like paintings of legend. These characters are more than just functions with special moves, they have motivation and weight to them. Full project details & Credits.

Banderita X: Youtube Intro
Intro package for Saudi Arabian Youtube Gaming legend - BanderitaX!
We mashed together inspiration from 3 of his favourite IPs to create this epic adventure. Mario Maker, Fortnite and The Flash. Full project details & Credits.

Super: Youtube Intro
A Mob Psycho 100 inspired intro for fighting game Youtuber & all-round awesome dude Super. Mob Psycho 100 constantly jumps between many hand drawn styles, so a big aesthetic goal was to mirror this. As the intro progresses, the visuals get increasingly rough and hand drawn to mirror the intensity. Full project details & Credits.
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