A Machine Gun Haiku, Just For You.
Hit play on the video above to get 37 seconds of intense visual poetry.
I’m a fully chiseled, extremely veiny, out-of-this-world animation director and I’d love to work with you.
Below you will find examples of my recent projects & work for content creators.
I only work on a limited number of projects where I know I can make the best work there is, and push the production quality to MF’n outer space.
I’m super amped to chat further about how we could make something truly eye-meltingly, nipple-hardening, next level special.
Thank you for your time.
Jeremy Mansford | yo@jeremymansford.com
Recent Work:

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Chaos Emeralds Backstory

Fight Your Rival: A Street Fighter Tribute

Content Creator Work:
My 2019 Director's Showreel:
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