When in the arena of film & animation, I pack the power of the pistol shrimp, the reactions of a peregrine falcon, and the versatility of a cybernetic octopus.
I like to let my work do the talking as much as possible, so here's a collection of my favourite works I've curated together for you. Specifically featuring video game inspired works and epic eye melting pieces for Youtube creators. 
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Film - Chaos Emeralds Backstory
I directed this epic backstory sequence for the Sonic 2 Film. One of my favourite adventures so far.
Youtube Intros
For the last 8 years I have worked with creators who have audiences from 1 to 10+ million subs to push the boundaries of a intro's quality. It's alway my goal to inject as much of the creator's character, references and interests into every detail.
I've featured a couple below, but you can checkout the full playlist of 9 intros here.
3D Low Poly Gaming Style - runJDrun:
Anime Style - Super:
2D Pixel Art Gaming Style - BanderitaX:
Video Game Short Films
I have created short-form pieces for both Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat which have received direct praise from the IPs/creators themselves and amazing reception from their communities.

Pixel Art & Chiptunes
I love developing video-game inspired visual treatments combined with my music production. My current favourite treatment is my own style of pixel art which injects retro aesthetics with over the top cinematic feels. 
Below is my Mando fan piece, followed by my Chiptune Mixtape featuring all my Pixel Art work to date.
Thank You
If you have made this far, massive thanks for taking the time to checkout my work. Any thoughts, queries, or to organise a catchup call I'd love to hear from you at yo@jeremymansford.com​​​​​​​
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