I've made you a quick run through of all my intro work. As a bonus I've also included some other video game related projects at the end :)
Banderita X: Youtube Intro 2021
An Intro package update for Saudi Arabian Youtube Gaming legend - BanderitaX!
For this 2nd Youtube Intro, we mashed together 2 of his favourite IPs to create this epic adventure. Naruto & The Flash. Full project details & Credits.
runJDrun: Youtube Intro 2020
This new intro package & rebrand was all about celebrating J.D.’s multiple talents, and what better way to do so than with a videogame ’talent-select-screen’.

Banderita X: Youtube Intro
Intro package for Saudi Arabian Youtube Gaming legend - BanderitaX!
We mashed together inspiration from 3 of his favourite IPs to create this epic adventure. Mario Maker, Fortnite and The Flash. Full project details & Credits.

Super: Youtube Intro
A Mob Psycho 100 inspired intro for fighting game Youtuber & all-round awesome dude Super. Mob Psycho 100 constantly jumps between many hand drawn styles, so a big aesthetic goal was to mirror this. As the intro progresses, the visuals get increasingly rough and hand drawn to mirror the intensity. Full project details & Credits.

Motion Meat
I had the pleasure of creating this intro and logo design for Node Fest's new Youtube series Motion Meat. Catch the first episode here.
For the intro, I combined two of my obsessions: Fast Food and 80s/90s Cartoons.

runJDrun: Youtube Intro
My first intro created for runJDrun. We packed it with J.D.'s favourite gaming references and detail to create an intro worthy of multiple viewings. A spanking new logo, channel branding and an outro device were also created as part of this new pixel art family.

Cross Counter TV
My first work in the intro realm was working with legendary fighting game network Cross Counter TV.

I helped the team brand and create epic intros for each of their shows.

BONUS | The Mandalorian: This Is The Way
I’ve grown quite fond of The Mandalorian series so I had to make something.
For this piece I continued my experimentation into Pixel Art utilising my non-traditional Pixel Art skillset.
Musically this was the chaotic result of me digesting flavours of Spaghetti Westerns, moody sci-fi synth & retro gaming limitations. Full project details & Credits.
Animated Poster:

BONUS | Mortal Kombat 11: Teaser
This was my experiment to create a vehicle to explore detailed story behind some of our favourite characters. I wanted to create a style & mood to feel like paintings of legend. These characters are more than just functions with special moves, they have motivation and weight to them. Full project details & Credits.
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