My series of art as an official ambassador for the MK11 MKKollective. Watch all pieces above together as a new Kollection.

I’ve been a fan of Mortal Kombat since the original game came out in the 90s. The latest game, MK11, had hyped me up so much I had to make something.

My initial teaser was my experiment to create a vehicle to explore detailed story behind some of our favourite characters. I wanted to create a style & mood to feel like paintings of legend. These characters are more than just functions with special moves, they have motivation and weight to them.

From there I made other pieces exploring interesting concepts like "what would the POV of Scorpions Katana look like", an animated poster featuring multiple scorpions, and a full length ninjawave song "Shadows of the Kunai"

Directed, Art Directed, Animation, Music Design: Jeremy Mansford
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