WOW. This. Was. Mega 🤯 I had the ultimate opportunity to lead a world class team to craft this amazing backstory sequence for Sonic The Hedgehog 2. 

Our mission was to bring the script to life with a treatment that emitted a heavy, dramatic and historic feeling energy. We were inspired by the carvings seen in the cave, and they became our launchpad for creating an epic dimension where everything is carved out of stone.

I couldn't be more stoked with our incredible S Tier result, all made possible with our immensely talented group of producers and artists 🤩

Backstory Animation by
Backstory Sequence Supervisor: Jeremy Mansford
CG Supervisor: Hugo Jackson
Animation Executive Producer: Anita Emor
Lead Animation Producer: Marlina Al-Johary
Animation Producer: Kade Robertson

Storyboard Artist: Sacha Bryning
Lead Concept Artist: Darek Zabrocki
Concept Artist: Andreas Rocha
Character Designer: Stefan Celic
Illustrators: Nils Drechsel, Ilya Drokonov
Animator & Compositor: Stephen Elliget
2D Animatic Artist: Sheldon Vella
3D Layout Artist: Marco Diaz
3D Modellers: Glen Adlam, Matthew Matoori
2D FX Artist: Tom De Vis
Tools Developer: Lukas Bilek
Asset Prep Artist: Helen He
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