Director's Reel XIX
Director's Showreel. Robots - Cavefolk - Kung-Fu
Super Intro Sequence
Youtube Intro. Creative Direction + Animation
Mortal Kombat: Scorpion Tribute Teaser
Tribute Teaser Animation. Director + Art Director
After Hours Campaign
Posters + PreRolls. Direction, Art Direction + Animation
Motion Meat Intro
Youtube Intro. Creative Direction. Motion Design.
Find Magic Inside
Ident. Live Action Direction. Motion Design
KaiFive Intro
Show Intro. Creative Direction + Art Direction
runJDrun Intro
Youtube Intro. Creative Direction + Motion Design
Visual Adventures Await
Creative Direction + Art Direction
The Recipe: Intro Sequence
Youtube Intro. Direction + Motion Design
The Reads: Intro Sequence
Youtube Intro. Direction + Motion Design
William Hill Campaign
Art Direction. Footage Treatment + UI Design
7 Days Of Funk
Music Video. Creative Direction + Art Direction
Excellent Adventures Toolkit
Creative Direction + Motion Design
Sticky TV
Creative Direction + Art Direction
WINC4D Winning Entry
Animated Short. Creative Direction + Art Direction
Cross Counter Rebrand
Creative Direction + Motion Design
Depth Posters
Xbox Kinect. Concept + Art Direction
FUN. Some Nights
Commercial. Co-Direction + Motion Design
Justice: Audio Video Disco
Teaser. Direction, Art Direction + Motion Design
Handle The Jandal
Title Sequence. Direction, Art Direction + Motion Design
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